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Fault codes and troubleshooting of the ideal TR1000 rapid printing machine

the ideal TR1000 rapid printing machine has the functions of automatic printing, reducing originals, fine image scanning, document confidentiality, side-by-side printing of originals (two different or the same originals are combined), computer interface, paging machine interface, and is equipped with print count and plate making count display

in the printing process, when the machine is stopped due to a fault and the fault code "e " is displayed or the fault is unknown, press the "※" key to display the "C " code (see attached Tables 1, 2 and 3 for the code and its meaning), and the maintenance can be carried out according to the direction indicated by the code. However, we should also pay attention not to copy dogma, but to use the code flexibly to achieve the desired results

case 1 After changing the ink, the machine does not operate. Press the "※" key to display "C53"

c53 means that the oil cartridge is not installed properly, and the fault is still not eliminated after it is carefully reinstalled. Take down the newly replaced ink and observe it. It is found that the ink is thick. Replace it with a bottle of better ink and remove the fault. The cause of this fault is that the ink is not easy to be pumped out by the ink pump due to its stickiness due to long-term storage or low temperature. The detector fails to detect the ink and displays fault shutdown

case 2 Although the printing market does not require you to encounter this speed, you do not unload the plate suddenly during the process of printing and plate making.

during the process of printing and plate making, the machine suddenly stops. The code shows "C25", that is, the unloading is not successful. After pulling out the roller, it turns out that the master paper has not been removed and about 2cm long master paper has been folded at the master paper clamping position. During normal plate making, the plate head should be pressed flat under the plywood. It is estimated that the master cannot be unloaded because the master is not conveyed smoothly and the head of the master is curled, so that the clamping is abnormal. Remove the waste master paper, clean the master paper conveying roller and other driving parts, and then troubleshoot

case 3 During the printing process, the drum is marked with "Er"

the drum is suddenly marked with "Er" during the printing process, whether printing quickly to meet domestic and foreign needs or slowing down, which is similar to the phenomenon of broken teeth of rotating gears, but no fault code is displayed. Pull out the drum and observe carefully. No missing teeth are found. Open the rear housing and check all transmission gear components. They are in good condition. Because most of the gears of the main components are made of metal, it is not easy to break the teeth. From another point of view, will it be caused by poor program control due to the accumulation of software faults. Try the code "90 ~ 98" to clear the software fault once and reset it all. After that, everything is really normal in the most widely used conventional plastic granulator equipment

source: Hongqishan electronics

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