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Trial production of special styrene butadiene rubber for shock absorption of high-speed railway of Lanzhou Petrochemical Company the sbr1500hr special styrene butadiene rubber for shock absorption of high-speed railway, jointly developed by China Research Institute of petroleum and petrochemicals and Lanzhou Petrochemical Company, has recently achieved industrial trial production of working light collector and hidden cloak on the 100000 t/A unit of Lanzhou Petrochemical synthetic rubber plant, and the product performance has fully met the index requirements

with the increasing construction mileage of China's railways, especially high-speed railways, the demand for damping plates has also resisted the cost pressure point caused by the rising price of ordinary 3-yuan materials in terms of cost. The development of polylactic acid (PLA), polybutyric acid 2-ester (PBS), poly-p-benzoic acid 2-yuan alcohol ester (PET, PTT), Polyhydroxyalkanoic acid (PHA), polyamide (PA) and other products has increased rapidly. The damping plates of high-speed railways are processed with styrene butadiene rubber as the main material, It is laid between the rail and sleeper to reduce vibration and noise. The domestic high-speed railway damping styrene butadiene rubber product market capacity is about 15000 tons/year, of which Wuwei rubber product factory of Lanzhou Railway Bureau accounts for about one third of the domestic railway damping pad market share. Lanhua sbr1500hr products were sold by Northwest Chemical sales branch to Wuwei rubber products factory of Lanzhou Railway Bureau for application test

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