Trial production of the first boiling chlorination

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The first boiling chlorination titanium dioxide production line trial production

the 30000 T/a boiling chlorination titanium dioxide production line newly built by Jinzhou Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. successfully passed the 72 hour standard assessment for large-scale chemical production line on October 16. As of yesterday's press release, a total of 220 tons of titanium dioxide had been produced. The progress of plastic granulator technology in each process has a close relationship with the development of the whole national economy. The technical parameters are stable, the product quality is qualified, and [China Plastics News] fully meets the expected design requirements. This is another major technological breakthrough after Jinzhou titanium successfully developed the world's only molten salt chlorination titanium dioxide production process, filling the gap in China's large-scale boiling chlorination and gas-phase oxidation production units of chlorination titanium dioxide

1 some enterprises have made new achievements in the experiment of solvent-free synthetic leather production.

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