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Fault analysis of continuous ink supply system 10 of 11 cases

10. Ink fault

fault phenomenon:

◇ when the continuous ink supply system is initially installed or normally used for a period of time, one or more colors of the printed test page are always disconnected, while other colors are normal. The results of repeated cleaning and testing are the same

◇ it is found that some colors (relatively fixed colors) often block the pipeline, nozzle and wire

◇ compared with the original, the printed color is very biased, or the black is not black enough, or the gray is green or red

◇ when printing portrait photos, the level is not fine enough, not rich enough to be sold as a department, resulting in the phenomenon of "wearing headgear"

◇ sediment can often be seen in the ink from the external ink cartridge

detailed utilization method of metal material tensile testing machine:

the above faults are caused by improper selection of inks. It is recommended that you choose all kinds of inks we provide for you. Now there are many manufacturers producing Epson Compatible inks with different quality and uses. Among thousands of ink combinations that have passed physical and chemical tests in our laboratory, high-quality and stable inks are rare, and combinations that exceed the performance of original Epson inks or are comparable to them are rare. Although you do not necessarily need to select the ink that reaches the image professional level of the technical research project team led by experts immediately organized by Chalco, it should be noted that the ink used for the continuous ink supply system must be better than the ink used for the compatible ink cartridge, and the ink used for the compatible ink cartridge must be better than the ink used for bulk ink injection. In other words, the ink used to produce compatible ink cartridges may not be suitable for continuous ink supply systems

many brands of inks have undergone strict physical and chemical analysis, long-term stability test, positive color, high density and good saturation. The high-quality inks professionally equipped for the continuous ink supply system can ensure that the above adverse conditions will not occur

if you only buy the accessories of the continuous ink supply system and prefer to use the ink you choose, you should at least do the following basic tests: 1. The pipeline will not be blocked within six months. 2. The ink will not precipitate within three months. 3. It will not dry up and block the nozzle within a month. 4. There shall be no serious color loss and disconnection within 15 days. 5. No overnight disconnection within five days. 6. The assembly shall not be cleaned more than three times (including natural cleaning). 7. The printing color is only slightly biased, and the black color is positive. 8. Gray is not green or red. 9. Print people's head image without dizziness

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