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Trial production of shennei new PET production line and fresh roof box production line

recently, with bottles of carrot and orange ace compound fruit and vegetable juice drinks coming off the production line, shennei 40000 ton fruit and vegetable deep processing project was put into trial production. So far, shennei has four categories, three series and five varieties of fruit and vegetable drinks, including carrots, flat peaches, tomatoes and blackcurrants. By the end of the year, shennei's 40000 tons of fruit and vegetable deep processing project will have a strong value of 1. The general wheel and spoke sensor project will create an output value of 30million yuan

shennei company is a university run science and technology industry of Shihezi University. Shennei 40000 ton fruit and vegetable deep processing project is a special project for deep processing of agricultural and sideline products of the national development and entrepreneurship Reform Commission undertaken by Xinjiang Shihezi University. It is also a phase I project of Shihezi University Science and Technology Industrial Park. Shennei brand series of fruit and vegetable drinks won the title of "Xinjiang famous brand" in 2004

the fruit and vegetable processing project started construction on August 19 last year. At present, 30million yuan has been invested to build a 7714 square meter main plant and an auxiliary warehouse. This time, a PET production line and a fresh roof box production line are put into trial production. The 5000 square meter R & D comprehensive office building was also started on April 23 this year, which is expected to effectively reduce the impact of the hydraulic system; The project will be completed by the end of September and the beginning of October. At that time, the total investment of the project will exceed 40million yuan, with a building area of 12700 square meters, meeting the construction requirements of the project

at present, shennei has developed the Northwest market and East China market in advance. The project can drive the construction of raw material base in Shihezi Reclamation Area. (end)

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