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Hainan Province: 100% of parking spaces in newly-built residential areas are reserved for electric vehicle charging conditions, and charging facilities are subsidized.

in recent years, the state has spared no effort to vigorously promote cars, hoping that new energy vehicles, mainly electric vehicles, can alleviate domestic energy pressure, improve the environment, and bring a new wave of consumption boom

in June 2019, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of ecological environment and the Ministry of Commerce have just jointly issued the implementation plan for promoting the upgrading of key consumer goods and unimpeded resource recycling (year), requiring local governments and enterprises to provide policy support for new energy vehicles in terms of cost, technology, performance, purchase restrictions and parking fees

of course, because the specific conditions of each province are different, the policies for new energy vehicles are also different. The friction wheel is only horizontally compared. Hainan province's policy preference for new energy is also quite kind

on August 1, Hainan Province just released a document, announcing that in order to further promote new energy vehicles and provide convenience, Hainan will implement the differential charging policy for parking spaces of fuel vehicles and new energy vehicles, and new energy vehicles will also enjoy free parking in many public areas

then on August 6, it was pointed out that Hainan Province issued the "Interim Measures for the construction and operation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in Hainan Province", which clarified the subsidy conditions and enterprise access of charging infrastructure, and required that new residential buildings should be built or reserved for charging conditions according to 100% of the parking spaces

in addition, Hainan Province will subsidize the charging facilities and provincial charging infrastructure information platform that operate like polimotor 11 and are connected to the provincial charging infrastructure information platform. The standard of construction subsidy is that based on the rated power of each charging pile, according to 200 yuan per kW and 100 yuan per kW per year before 2020 (including 2020), the upper limit of subsidy shall not exceed 15% of the equipment investment before 2020, and the amount of fully automatic production units developed by using specially adjusted process systems and heating devices shall not exceed 10% in 2025. 2021 - the above data do not constitute a profit forecast

in other words, the future owners of Hainan new energy will enjoy the convenient environment of free parking and charging piles, which is enviable

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