The hottest part of foreign investors raised ABS q

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Some foreign businessmen raised their ABS quotations

affected by the sharp rise in the price of styrene, some ABS manufacturers raised their quotations for the Chinese market by about US dollars/ton. Up to now, the quotation of LG Chemical before the merger of South Korea is US dollars/ton, that of Jinhu company is US dollars/ton, and that of BASF is US dollars/ton (the same above for CFR China main port). Despite the rise in the quotation, it is understood that the buyer's response to this is cold, and the market is also lack of batch transactions

on the 18th, the quotation of suppliers in the Asian market for styrene in January was 710 US dollars/ton (FOB South Korea), and the export price in East China of the domestic market has risen to 7900 yuan/ton. The development trend of the plastic machine operation material industry in the future: about tons of environmental protection plastics, automotive plastics, 3D printing materials

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