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Parker Hannifin automation settled in Xishan industrial park

on April 23, 2012, Parker Hannifin, the world's leading leader in transmission and control technology, announced that its "Xishan industrial park in Wuxi, China" phase I and automatic chemical plant were officially put into operation. Following the foundation laying ceremony in March, 2011, after a year of construction, the automatic chemical plant was officially completed. As one of the eight major groups under Parker Hannifin, so that scientists can obtain information about the cell's roughly stable response to the pig iron market quotation and different 3D printing scaffold structure through a large number of experiments, the automation group will take the lead in settling in Wuxi Xishan industrial park to further expand its engineering project implementation and product manufacturing capacity in China, in order to improve the local product supply capacity and meet China's medical care and food processing The demand of green emerging energy, construction machinery and other industries has laid a solid foundation

rogersherrard, global vice president and President of automation group of Parker Hannifin, georgepeletis, vice president of Asia Pacific automation group, stevengong, managing director of Greater China, and leaders of Wuxi Municipal government attended the opening ceremony

Parker Hannifin Wuxi Xishan industrial park has invested 20million US dollars in the first phase, with a total floor area of 22000 square meters and a construction area of 10000 square meters of production plants. It is expected to help the automation group increase its existing production capacity by six times and its sales volume by three times. The number of localization talents of the automation group will also be correspondingly increased from the existing 70 to 300, of which the proportion of engineering personnel will be greatly increased

rogersherrard, global vice president and President of automation group, said: the rapid development of China's equipment manufacturing industry and the increasing improvement of overall technology have made us clearly aware that China has become one of the most important market growth points. At the same time, it also urges us to continue to accelerate technological improvement to meet the comprehensive needs of the local market for the production, technology and services of equipment suppliers. The official production of the new plant is a major measure for Parker Hannifin to quickly respond to the local market demand

As the production and R & D platform of core automation products and technologies, phase I of Wuxi Xishan industrial park in Parker Hannifin will provide advanced products and rich solutions for green emerging energy, medical care, food processing, engineering machinery, high-speed rail and other high-speed industries. In the past seven years, Parker Hannifin Automation Group's business in China has experienced an annual growth of 40%, and the establishment and operation of Wuxi Industrial Park will ensure the continuous growth of our business. After the automation group took the lead in settling in, other groups such as instrument group will settle in succession. In the future, this will become the most comprehensive comprehensive industrial park of Parker Hannifin in China. Parker Hannifin will adhere to the commitment of taking root in China with practical actions and actively promote the development of various industries in China. Stevengong, managing director of Greater China, commented

Parker Hannifin automation group, as one of the eight business divisions of the company, provides customers with a full range of automation products. Based on the concept of improving customer product quality and production efficiency through overall solutions, each part of the system has been carefully designed, manufactured, and delivered with the highest quality and convenience. The results are drawn on the stress-strain curve. In the past 30 years since entering the Chinese market, Parker Hannifin has always strengthened its cooperation and technological innovation with the local market, and its technical level and honest management have been widely praised by the industry, which is inseparable from its brand concept of adhering to cooperating with customers and improving their production efficiency and profit margin

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