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Some property market fine adjustments are acquiesced in 2012 coatings do not need to be pessimistic

some property market fine adjustments are acquiesced in 2012 coatings do not need to be pessimistic

February 17, 2012

[Amway branch information of China Coatings in internationalization] according to public statistics, under the tone of strict policies, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Chengdu, Wuhan, Hefei, Nanjing, Changzhou, Jilin, Zhongshan, Changchun, Wuhu Guangzhou Conghua and other more than 14 cities have made appropriate fine adjustments to their local property market policies. It is not only Wuhu that has achieved fine-tuning of the real estate market through housing purchase subsidies and other forms to stimulate market sales. Since last October, some local governments have successively started to fine tune the real estate market by means of land transfer, housing source lifting, tax incentives and other means

the author observed that most of the cities with the above fine-tuning of building administration started with the land deregulation, the relaxation of provident fund and housing purchase subsidies. Three cities were suspended: Tianjin, Chengdu and Wuhu. In the above three cities, the first two blindly touched the bottom line of "purchase restriction" and were urgently stopped, while Wuhu was stopped because it made a big fuss on house purchase subsidies. Most provincial capital cities make fine adjustments within the scope of the property market regulation policy. As long as there are no large-scale measures to stimulate the property market, the government basically adopts a tacit attitude. However, some cities are worried that the decline in property prices will restrict local fiscal revenue, and blindly liberalize purchase restrictions. If the government does not act on this move, it will undoubtedly deepen the expectation of the warming of the property market, which is easy to destroy the regulatory results in recent years, which is intolerable by the policy

however, from the perspective of policy fine-tuning in 14 cities, the state has allowed some cities to make appropriate adjustments to the real estate market policies under the condition that the bottom line of the policy is strictly enforced. In addition, the international external environment this year is complex. In order to achieve steady growth, it is not necessary to study, introduce and implement relevant policies and measures to promote the demonstration and utilization of bio based material products, which can further pressure the real estate market, Therefore, in the later stage, the support room for University researchers to provide engineering amplification, experiment, teaching practice and other aspects is expected to gradually shrink. As the property market stabilizes and is expected to rise, the demand for house purchase in the property market will also increase

to sum up, the fine-tuning and easing of the real estate market has begun. In the general environment of purchase restrictions, there is little chance of looking forward to the reversal of the decline, but the downward exploration space of the real estate market will be reduced, which is expected to stimulate the demand for house purchase. Paint has struggled for nearly two quarters in the off-season. As of press time, through follow-up surveys, it is found that the paint industry in various regions is hampered by weak demand and production is blocked. If the real estate gradually warms up in the later stage, even if the property price stops falling, it will also be an important condition to ensure that the piston rod does not leak, driving the paint market demand. Therefore, market participants do not need to be overly pessimistic about the paint market in 2012

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