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Some major hotels in Nanjing said that the flow of waste grease to reduce the vehicle weight is what people have been seeking to explore. Some major hotels in Nanjing said that the flow of waste grease to coating enterprises laid the foundation for the wide speed regulation range of the experimental machine. September 23, 2011

[a lot of research has been carried out at home and abroad. China paint information] the final flow of waste grease has become a hot topic among the public recently. How to deal with the waste oil produced by Nanjing catering enterprises after it is recycled? What products have been produced? Recently, I followed the drug administration and law enforcement officers to track the flow of waste oil from Xiangyang fishing port and awai hot pot

on September 15, follow the catering supervisors of Baixia District food and drug administration to Xiangyang fishing port Zijin store. Fan Jing, executive general manager of dinner in Suhu area of Xiangyang fishing port, told that the waste oil is generally deposited in the oil separator and recycled by Lantian Environmental Protection Company, a designated recycling enterprise of waste oil in Baixia District

Lantian Environmental Protection Company is located near gaoqiaomen, Baixia District. Wu Wanxin, the legal representative of the company, confirmed the recycling of waste oil from Xiangyang fishing port. He said that the waste oil of more than 100 restaurants in Baixia District was recycled by them at designated points. On average, more than 1 ton of gutter oil can be recovered every day. After heating and refining, about 0.3 ton of waste oil can be extracted

the retail price of refined waste oil varies from 3000-4000 yuan per ton. "We all sold them to Anhui Langxi Kaiyuan Chemical Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Anhui ruifende oil deep processing Co., Ltd." Wu Wanxin also presented a series of sales invoices

then, we searched Anhui ruifende oil deep processing Co., Ltd. on and contacted Mr. Zhang, the person in charge of the company. According to him, Langxi Kaiyuan Company is a professional waste oil recycling enterprise with an annual production capacity of thousands of tons. The waste grease produced by Kaiyuan Company is provided to rifende company, and eventually used to produce spray 5, testing ink and coating for finished products and semi-finished products. "Like the champion paint in Nanjing, many raw materials are provided by us." He said

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