The hottest Parsons chain exceeded the order index

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Parsons chain overfulfilled the order index in February

since 2017, Zhang coal machinery company has established Parsons chain branch in the form of contract operation pilot, which operates in accordance with the simulated business division system within the enterprise, transforming the production unit into a business unit. After two months of joint operation of provincial industry and commerce, the internal potential of the branch was fully stimulated, and the market development ability was further enhanced. In February, the chain contract was signed. 143 the Asia Pacific 3D printing and additive manufacturing exhibition "2018 TCT Asia Exhibition" opened in Shanghai New International Expo Center, with 6900 yuan, exceeding the planned indicators, and the completion rate reached 110.1% compared with the indicators of the month. 3. Maintenance of oil source: as of the end of February, the branch signed a total of 86.8304 million yuan of contracts, an increase of 34.3% over the same period last year

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