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Parrot releases Anafi work: lightweight integrated UAV multi industry solutions

on September 5, as a leading UAV company in the world, parrot announced the launch of Anafi work UAV. As a new member of the parrot industry solutions portfolio, the newly launched Anafi work and

on September 5, at the interdrone exhibition in Las Vegas, USA, Parrot, as the world's leading UAV company, announced the launch of Anafi work UAV. As a new member of parrot's industry solution portfolio, the newly launched Anafi work has the characteristics of portability, rapid deployment and easy operation. It is not only limited to a UAV, but also a powerful solution, which was born to meet various challenges in different industries, Equipped with the widely acclaimed Anafi UAV (launched in June 2018). Become the first choice for convenient and reliable business tools

we have brought Anafi work with convenient operation and advanced flight imaging system to the professional market, said Gilles labossi re, executive vice president and chief operating officer of parrot group. With its compact and high-performance 4K UAV toolkit, professionals from all walks of life can obtain significant efficiency improvement and safe flight experience, and easily realize accurate air reconnaissance and data acquisition. This foldable and portable solution is particularly suitable for engineering construction and on-site monitoring, real estate monitoring and measurement, public safety, professional video production and other industries

advanced imaging system equipment consumption and high maintenance and operation costs

4k image aerial capture

anafi work supports 4K HDR video and 21million pixel high-resolution photo shooting. The unique three-axis stabilization system makes the captured video image smooth and perfect, and the photo details are clearly visible. The unique +/-90 pitch angle can control the lens, so that the operators can monitor the 207nm thick film of transmission lines, bridges and the top and bottom of various buildings

anafi work supports 1.4x lossless zoom in 4K mode; In full HD (1080p) mode, it supports 2.8x lossless zoom; Under the standard digital, the digital zoom up to 3 times allows professionals to view the scene details at a short distance and maintain a distance from the site, so that they can complete the task at a safer and longer distance without reducing the image quality

portable instant work

anafi work has industry-leading flight performance. Using usb-c charging system, compared with standard usb-a charging, it can save 70% of the time. It can also be charged through smart, laptop, mobile power supply or car charging, which is convenient and fast. At the same time, the kit is equipped with four batteries, each of which can work for up to 25 minutes, and can support a total of 100 minutes of operational flight

anafi work is compact and portable. Its weight is only 320 grams, and the arm deployment speed is less than three seconds, saving time and labor. Moreover, with its powerful and quiet propulsion system, Anafi work can still fly normally under the wind speed of 50 kilometers per hour. Four dual band antennas, electronic universal testing machine, how to conduct tear strength test on materials, maintain strong radio connection, and image transmission is more stable

smart and easy

create for professionals

through Anafi work, operators can not only manually fly and shoot aerial images of different types of infrastructure with the help of intuitive and humanized FREELIGHT 6 mobile app, but also easily realize autonomous flight and obtain accurate data through intelligent flight modes such as pointing flight, point of interest (POI) and route planning in the application

anafi's geographic fence and one click return function ensure the safety and reliability of mission execution. In terms of geographic fence, professionals can customize the maximum height and maximum distance, so as to ensure that the UAV flies within the limited range; When you need to return, simply press the return button, and Anafi can return to the initial takeoff position without any additional operation

use pix4d model software

to generate 3D models and target measurements

in addition, Anafi work also provides a one-year pix4dmodel software service for free, through which operators can experience fast and simple 3D modeling operations. For example, architects and constructors can accurately measure the distance or surface of the target by using Anafi and pix4dmodel, and conduct relevant inspections through 3D models after the flight mission. Any web browser can easily realize the instant sharing of markers or 3D models, and also export the results to other working software for other purposes

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