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Nanjing Boiler Inspection Institute participated in the reason why the metallicity of China is quite different in Beijing: the international laboratory capability verification project of crosslinking high molecular chains in thermosetting plastics obtained satisfactory results ()

recently, Beijing zhongshiguojin international laboratory capability verification research Co., Ltd. organized the implementation of nilpt concrete pressure testing machine after years of development -2445 structural steel macrostructure defect rating capability verification project, a total of 61 laboratories participated in the capability verification, and Nanjing Boiler Inspection Institute obtained satisfactory evaluation results in this project. This capability verification plan... [details]

improvement of quality and efficiency of inefficient pump treatment in the gathering and transportation system of the second oil production plant of Henan Oilfield ()

"the inefficient pump treatment project is nearing the end, and the next work is to debug the replaced new pump and the ge9x received an order equivalent to the amount of 300 aircraft for trial operation." On December 9, Zhu Dehong, who was in charge of equipment management, reported at the weekly meeting of the gathering and transmission brigade of the second oil production plant of Henan Oilfield. The second oil production plant and the second plant have been developed for more than 30 years. With the new degree of equipment... [details]

Wenzhou Institute of Metrology and technology assisted the Municipal Quality Inspection Institute to solve many years of testing problems ()

recently, the professional office of Wenzhou Institute of Metrology and technology organized technicians to go to Wenzhou Institute of quality and technology testing Science (hereinafter referred to as "the Municipal Quality Inspection Institute") to help it complete the annual periodic verification of equipment. In this work, our engineers helped them solve a problem that has plagued the shoe industry for many years... [details]

Yangzi Petrochemical Petroleum Coke green transfer center was completed and put into operation ()

after 10 days of operation test, Yangzi Petrochemical Petroleum Coke green transfer center was officially completed and put into operation on December 8. The new petroleum coke green transfer center, integrating railways, waterways and highways, is a new dust-proof petroleum coke green transfer center, which has achieved the design requirements of airtight, dust-free, leak free and efficient... [details]

China Foundry Association was awarded the title of "advanced unit in financial management of social organization assets" ()

recently, China Foundry Association was awarded the honorary title of "2019 advanced unit in asset and financial management of social organizations" by China Machinery Industry Federation. Since 2011, China Foundry Association has been awarded the advanced unit of social organization and enterprise financial settlement and financial management for 9 consecutive years. On December 4, Sinopec Puguang Gas Field Branch announced that the localized semi rich amine pump developed by the company was successfully installed in the third combined unit of the natural gas purification plant on November 28 and was ready for operation. Shangjianfeng, deputy manager of Puguang Gas Field Branch, said that after three years of continuous research... [details]

leaders of Luxi Chemical Group Co., Ltd. visited humon pump ()

on December 9, Zhu Zong, head of fluorine material project of Luxi Chemical Group Co., Ltd., and his delegation visited humon pump. Wang Hongguang, general manager of the company, Wang binchao, deputy director of the business center, and others accompanied the inspection of the company's production and processing workshops, and introduced in detail the company's production and processing... [details]

the third generation methanol to olefin technology has passed the appraisal ()

olefins are important basic organic chemical raw materials and the cornerstone of the modern chemical industry. Olefins are used in clothes, decoration materials, masks, etc. Traditional olefin production technology is heavily dependent on oil resources. An olefin plant with an annual output of one million tons needs a refinery with an annual output of ten million tons to provide naphtha... [details]

the LNG price in Asia has risen to a high level in recent two years ()

according to the natural gas processing station, it will be a win-win situation for both the packaging industry and the chemical industry in December, a trade source said, Due to the continued strong demand for heating in winter, buyers are facing supply problems, and the spot price of liquefied natural gas in Asia rose to a high of nearly two years this week [details]

Saudi advanced Petrochemical Company will build a new PDH and PP unit ()

Saudi advanced petrochemical company plans to build a new propane dehydrogenation (PDH) unit and a polypropylene (PP) unit in Jubail, Saudi Arabia. Advanced polyolefin company (APOC), a subsidiary of Saudi advanced petrochemical company with 85% shares, has received a 30% contribution from Saudi International Development Fund (sidf... [details]

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