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the stone pump company has taken many measures to build a strong safety defense during the "two sessions" ()

in order to ensure that the safety production situation of the enterprise during the "two sessions" continues to be stable, recently, the stone pump company has made careful planning, scientific deployment, strong promotion, made great efforts in the aspects of hidden dangers, accident prevention, stability, etc., paid close attention to the implementation of measures in all links of safety production, and further built a strong safety defense, Strive to build enterprises... [details]

Chongqing water pump: the market system division meeting held flower arrangement experience activities ()

in the afternoon of March 5, Chongqing water pump company market system division meeting organized flower arrangement experience activities. Ms. Zheng qiaoxue, President of Chongqing flower arrangement Association, was invited to the event to demonstrate the creative process of Cao yueliu's flower arrangement works. Nearly 50 female employees of the company participated [details]

Jiangxi Shangyang pump industry ushers in the peak season of agricultural pump demand ()

Jiangxi Shangyang Pump Industry Co., Ltd. is an enterprise mainly engaged in the production and sales of water pumps, the manufacture of complete water supply and drainage equipment, and the installation and maintenance of electromechanical equipment. After the festival, spring ploughing and preparation usher in the peak season of agricultural pump demand, and Jiangxi Shangyang pump company is speeding up the resumption of production. On February 23, when I came to Shangyang pump industry, I only... [details]

Zoomlion pump industry fully promoted the development of high-quality industrial pumps ()

"one branch, one fortress, one party member, one flag". In the production and operation of the enterprise, Zoomlion pump company has always paid attention to giving play to the fighting fortress of grass-roots party organizations and the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members and cadres, so that party branches and Party members can show their style, demonstrate and lead. In terms of reform and development... [details]

2020 China pump market revenue ranking ()

in 2020, due to the impact and impact of the epidemic, every enterprise has experienced difficult times. From the beginning of the year, it overcame various difficulties, resumed production in an orderly manner, and basically resumed normal operations by the middle of the year. Thanks to the effect of domestic epidemic control and economic recovery, enterprises achieved month on month growth in the third and fourth quarters [details]

the strength of the stone pump company won the bid for the largest kaolin beneficiation project in Asia ()

recently, good news came back from the market. Led by the Southwest Marketing Department of the stone pump company, with the active coordination and cooperation of multiple departments, it successfully won the bid for the largest kaolin beneficiation project in Asia, which has injected new momentum into the enterprise to win the "epidemic" and develop the "double victory". The enterprise's comprehensive reality... [details]

7 At the end of the experiment or the next round of experiments, the stone pump company ploughed deep into the foreign market. Large projects such as the east transmission project of Xi'an University of Electronic Science and technology and the North South transmission project have taken high-strength superconducting cables to achieve a good start ()

in the afternoon of March 2, five heavy trucks carrying 10 800dt desulfurization circulating pumps slowly drove out of the gate of the stone pump company, and finally sent them to users in the Indian market through Tianjin port. This is the fourth batch of direct foreign trade export orders of the company this year. Market share should be developed and expanded, We must innovate the marketing machine... [details]

the "cloud dialogue" of the stone pump company builds an "air bridge" in the overseas market ()

"This' cloud insulation material experimental machine is based on the electronic universal experimental machine 'is a new measure under the current situation of normalized epidemic prevention and control. This form can allow domestic and foreign customers to have a very intuitive understanding of the production environment of the enterprise, which is suitable for the market development trend in today's information age, and is also conducive to the enterprise to display its image and enhance its popularity. More importantly... [details]

Chongqing water pump held the sixth regional improvement results Conference ()

in the afternoon of March 2, Chongqing water pump company organized the sixth regional improvement results release review meeting. Li Wei, deputy secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the labor union of the company, Lai Hongyan, director of Zhisheng company, Liu Xiaolong, consultant, and regional directors of various workshops attended the meeting. At the meeting, 21 regional directors through ppt introduction, video... [details]

leaders of Shijiazhuang science and Technology Bureau went to the stone pump company for field research ()

on March 3, Wang Yannan, director of Shijiazhuang science and Technology Bureau, LED the research team of major scientific and technological projects, accompanied by caoyonghui, deputy head of Shijiazhuang Jingxing mining area, and other leaders, to the stone pump company for field research. Tan Jian, Secretary General of Hebei Foundry Society, b1.71bo, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the stone pump company... [details]

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