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Punch printing International 2010 financial report digital and prepress growth

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punch printing international, the parent company of digital printing technology innovator Saikang and prepress equipment manufacturer Bess printing, released its financial report on nth= "3" day= "9" islunardate= "false" isrocdate= "false"> March 9, 2011, Its strong performance benefited from the growth of equipment and consumables sales, as well as equipment and strict cost management

the outstanding performance of this annual report is:

the sales of 139.3 million euros in 2010 increased by 18% compared with 118.4 million euros in 2009

the overall equipment sales and recurring revenue from consumables and service activities increased by 18% compared with 2009

the net profit in 2010 was 4.6 million euros

among them, the sales of Saikang digital printing solutions increased by 13 percentage points, from 85.2 million euros in 2009 to 96.3 million euros in 2010

in 2010, the sales of prepress solutions increased by 30% to 42.9 million euros

geographically, the growth of sales is mainly concentrated in the United States (20%) and Europe (7%). There was also a slight increase of 6% in Asia

Saikang's unique technology can provide sustainable competitive advantages for safe and reliable users. In 2010, Saikang increased the investment in the research and development of jg138 ⑵ 001 field of point supported glass curtain wall supporting device in the industrial and document printing market, and released several new products. The excellent performance in 2010 clearly shows that Saikang further consolidated its position in the established target market in 2010

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