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Changshu 120000 ton/day sewage transfer pump station was completed in August ()

Chengbei transfer pump station is located in the north of Changshu Dahai Road, the south of hengjingtang and the east of nanhengjing. The new pump station covers an area of 2352 square meters, with a total construction area of 1310 square meters and a transfer scale of 120000 tons/day. The project started in September last year and is scheduled to be completed in August this year. At present, the progress of the project has been... [details]

Xiafei pump industry lays a solid foundation for intelligent development ()

Shanghai Xiafei Pump Industry Co., Ltd. currently, the plastic processing industry is in a critical period of transition from development and expansion to industrial maturity. The company is a professional manufacturer of diaphragm pumps, and its Morak series pneumatic diaphragm pumps are widely used in environmental protection, wastewater treatment, construction, sewage The transmission and circulation of various media in fine chemicals and other industries, and gradually reduce the output of steel to medicine, medicine, chemistry, electronics, semiconductors, photovoltaic production... [details]

Wudongde Hydropower Station has issued 21.528 billion kwh of clean electricity ()

at 16:38 on May 2 and 16:35 on May 3, units 11 and 2 of Wudongde Hydropower Station completed 72 hour trial operation respectively and officially put into commercial operation. Wudongde Hydropower Station has a total of 12 units. So far, 10 units have been successfully put into operation for power generation, and another step has been taken towards putting all units into operation for power generation before July 1... [details]

China's first set of electric drive high-pressure centrifugal gas storage compressor unit was successfully shipped ()

on the morning of May 8, with 8 vehicles loaded with the main body, motor, gearbox and lubricating oil station slowly driving out, The first set of electric drive high-pressure centrifugal gas storage compressor independently developed by Shengu group was successfully sent to PetroChina Liaohe Oilfield gas storage company, which marks the domestic centrifugal... [details]

the pump and valve Institute of Lanzhou Institute of technology meets the technical requirements of Zhejiang Liupan machinery ()

on May 6, 2021, at the invitation of Zhejiang Liupan machinery lubrication Co., Ltd., Cao Chi, President of Wenzhou pump and valve Engineering Research Institute of Lanzhou University of technology Chen Zhilin, head of the technology department, and his delegation came to the enterprise to meet the technological needs of the enterprise [details]

Yantai humon pump "high temperature molten salt pump" has also obtained the national utility model ③ patent to separate the power line from the signal line ()

recently, Yantai humon Pump Co., Ltd. has another utility model patent authorized by the state Intellectual Property Office. Patent name: "an improved special molten salt submerged pump for melamine" patent No.: zl So far, our company's "high temperature molten salt pump" series products have two practical applications... [details]

the stone pump production system has carried out special training to promote the implementation of "accurate scheduling" ()

in order to further promote the transformation of production management from process to digital, and improve the contract cash out rate, the stone pump company's production system has organized special training on information platform management, with more than 80 people from all production branches and relevant departments participating in the training

achieving precise scheduling of production management is the focus of the company this year... [details]

scientific research helps the high-end of submersible pumps and serves the efficient and safe operation of the construction industry ()

with the development of market economy, people have higher and higher requirements for the construction of ecological civilization, which determines that all industries need to be comprehensively upgraded to achieve the intensive and energy-saving development of social economy, Realize the goal of harmonious and unified development of ecological civilization and social economy [details]

Zhongfu industry, as a demonstration enterprise for the transformation and upgrading of Henan aluminum industry,

China's third-generation nuclear power technology ranks in the forefront of the world ()

China Nuclear Energy Industry Association issued the China nuclear energy development report (2021) (hereinafter referred to as the "report"), which pointed out that during the "13th five year plan" period, the world's first AP1000 and EPR nuclear power technology reactors were successively completed and put into operation in China and completed the first furnace fuel cycle operation, The independent nuclear power brand "Hualong 1" has been successful and,... [details]

Henan strives to promote the high-quality development of manufacturing ()

under the guidance of the idea of "three transformations", China's first ten million ton large open pit complete equipment, China's first lgms-4624 cement slag vertical mill, the world's first hydraulic driven vertical ship lift The world's largest and most advanced 18500 ton free forging hydraulic press and a large number of "made in Henan" are calling... [details]

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