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Safety technical measures for single operation

during the transformation of the low-voltage cabinet of the main fan, the main fan is in the single operation mode. In order to ensure the power supply safety during the transformation, the following safety technical measures are specially formulated:

1. All construction personnel must participate in the implementation measures before construction. Clarify the construction procedures and sign on the measures

2. Ask the mine leaders in advance and inform the mine control room, ventilation Department, electromechanical department and other relevant units, so as to coordinate the operation and ensure the safe operation of the main fan

3. Staff and drivers on duty shall not drink alcohol before and during the shift, and shall work with certificates. The staff of each post should arrive at the post half an hour in advance

4. The personnel participating in the transformation shall pay attention to safety at all times, make relevant records, and do a good job in division of labor and cooperation

5. The cadre on duty shall carefully check the operation of the main fan, and the mechanic and electrician on the maintenance team shall be on duty 24 hours to be responsible for the safe operation of the main fan

6. The driver on duty shall strictly abide by the work post. For each half, check the development indication, bearing temperature and other conditions of various instruments over the years within 0.01~500 mm/min hours, and make records

7. In case of any abnormality, report to the mine dispatching room in time. And inform relevant leaders. In case of power and air failure, report to the mine control room immediately, and organize personnel in time. Foreign countries have also used 7-8 years to rush repair the main fan, and start the emergency plan for power and air failure of the whole mine

8. Drivers of each shift should try at least three times during the shift. It shall be used in good condition and guarded by specially assigned personnel

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