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Safety technical measures for the installation of conveyor belt and equipment train

15103 fully mechanized mining face is the third fully mechanized mining face in the south wing of the first mining area of 15 . Inoue is located in Nanyang sheng1. Generally, it is necessary to revise the coefficient of 1 pneumatic sensor in the southern mountain of the village in a year. The trend is 650 meters long and the inclination is 150 meters long. The following equipment needs to be installed in this working face:

1. Belt conveyor: dsj100/50/2 125 1

2. Equipment train: 23

1. Test all equipment to ensure correct coordination and proper installation of all components. All special 6. After the sample is broken, the special parts must be debugged and installed on the ground, For equipment parts with poor quality and improper coordination, they shall be handled in time and can be installed in the well after being handled

2. Repair the drawworks used underground and wind the steel wire rope of appropriate length according to the design. Repair the flatbed truck, seal the winch and prepare to go down the well

3. Prepare various communication tools and special tools for hoisting, transportation and other installation

4. Check the equipment required for the installation of working face 15103, and all equipment is required to meet the intact standard

5. Requirements for loading and sealing vehicles:

1). Flat cars and mining cars are used for loading. Before loading, first find the center of gravity of the equipment to ensure stable loading

2). The equipment shall be sealed with a non corrosive steel wire rope with a rope diameter of not less than 15.5mm (the steel wire rope with a rope diameter of 15.5mm cannot be broken as a sealing rope, and the steel wire rope with a rope diameter of more than 15.5mm can only be "broken into two" as two sealing ropes). The old steel wire rope used for sealing the car shall have sufficient strength to ensure that the car is sealed firmly and safely, and the steel wire rope damaged during sealing the car shall be replaced

3). For equipment that is easy to slide back and forth on the flatbed truck, before loading, it is necessary to pad belts, boards and other materials on the flatbed truck for anti-skid treatment

4). The equipment that is easy to be damaged and afraid of collision should be padded with wood plates to prevent damage during transportation. Waterproof plastic cloth shall be added to electrical equipment

5). When sealing the car, put a wooden board on the equipment to prevent slipping. The car sealing stick should be locked with 12# iron wire

6). Requirements after loading all equipment: the height is less than 2.0m above the rail surface, and the width does not exceed the width of the flatbed truck

II. Underground preparations

1. According to the installation position of the winch equipment, lay various pipelines for installation in advance, and debug the winch, safety facilities, acousto-optic signals, etc

2. Sort out and reinforce the tracks and safety facilities of flat car and Tramcar Transportation Routes to ensure that they are in good condition

3. Reinforce and rectify the single pillar in the roadway that affects transportation and safety to ensure normal installation

4. Check the roadways and tracks along the flat car and Tramcar Transportation to ensure that the track is paved straight, the track bed is compacted, and the clear height of the roadway above the rail surface is not less than 2.2 meters

5. A parking lot is laid at the end of 15103 air intake duct to ensure that at least two flatbed trucks can be stored in the parking lot

1. After numbering all equipment trucks, they shall be transported down the shaft in order according to the installation sequence and direction under the shaft. There shall be no confusion during transportation

2. Transportation route:

ground → auxiliary inclined shaft → shaft yard → track roadway in mining area 1 → 15104 return air chute → 15103 inlet air chute

II. Installation process and technical requirements of working face equipment

(I), installation sequence

1, chute belt conveyor

2, installation equipment train

(II) technical requirements and integrity standards of working face equipment installation

A, transportation power equipment

1, each set.Before winch installation, Firstly, the winch foundation shall be constructed at the specified position with the specification

2. The winch foundation must use cement with the strength grade of 425, and the proportion of concrete pouring is cement: fine sand: Gravel = 1:2:2.5. The anchor bolts shall be embedded in the foundation. The embedded depth of the anchor bolts is 800mm, and the exposed length of the threads is 60mm. The eye distance of the anchor bolts embedded in the foundation must be consistent with the eye distance of the corresponding winch base, The winch base must be cured for not less than 96 hours after the foundation is completely solidified

3. After each winch is installed, it must be ensured that the maximum protruding part of the winch is not less than 600mm from the edge of the track

4. After the winch is installed, a firm and reliable "four pressure and two berms" must be installed

5. Sensitive and reliable "one slope and three gears" device must be set for the winch transportation in the inclined lane, that is, a heel gate must be set at the slope change point of the upper flat yard, a safety stop must be set at 10m below the upper slope change point beyond the recovery channel, and a safety stop must be set at 10m above the lower slope change point. The opening and closing of the safety stop must be operated by the hooker, and the winch must stand on the side of the track during operation, and the winch must be stopped and braked firmly at this time

6. The rope changing place or pre parking place of each winch must be set with a firm and reliable car stop rope and rail clamp, and a car stop rope with a diameter of not less than φ 18.5mm steel wire rope is made. One end of the stop rope is fixed on the anchor rod with a sleeve, and one end is hooked on the anchor beam of the anchor rod on the other side with a special hook. The distance between the stop rope and the track surface is 0.3m, and the stop rope and rail clamp must be in front of the first one to lower the vehicle

7. Each winch must be equipped with a sensitive and reliable turning back bell signal device

8. Set warning lights at the bottom and top of the slope of 15104 return duct and 15103 inlet duct

b, high explosion, mobile substation, equipment train, emulsion pump

1. First set the high explosion, mobile substation and emulsion pump with the equipment train and fix them reliably, then lay the cable, liquid supply pipe and liquid return pipe to form a power supply and liquid supply system

2. It must be used between high explosion, mobile substation, emulsion pump, pump box and each equipment train φ The 12.5mm steel wire rope is reliably connected into a whole, and φ Steel wire ropes of more than 12.5mm fix each set separately on the track

3. The first car in the series must use a rail clamp

4. The high explosion, mobile substation and each switch must be in good condition to prevent explosion loss. The overload and short circuit protection of the mobile substation and each switch must be good, and all kinds of protection must be complete and reliable. The cross section of the grounding wire must not be less than 70mm2 copper core cable, and the local grounding electrode must be buried in the roadway floor

5. The cable hanging must be flat, straight, in line with the standard, and keep a distance of more than 0.3m from other pipelines. The high-pressure pipe is set under the cable. It is required to be laid straight and fixed reliably. The connection must use U-shaped cards, which must not be replaced by iron wires, and there must be no liquid leakage

6. The emulsion pump shall be overhauled by a specially assigned person in the middle shift every day, and there shall be part-time personnel in each shift for inspection and maintenance. Emulsified oil shall be added to ensure the emulsion ratio of 3 ~ 5%

c, chute szz- 764/160 transfer machine

1. First install the tail of the transfer machine and the head of the working face conveyor, and then put the bottom scraper chain under the middle plate of the tail and then put it on the tail chain

2. Lengthen the scraper chain section by section from the tail of the machine, lay the horizontal chute, and put the bottom scraper chain into the bottom chute of the chute at the same time

3. Connect the chute as required and use dumbbells to connect with the crusher

4. The head transmission part is installed on the self shifting device at the tail of the belt conveyor

5. Lead the bottom slot scraper out from under the middle plate of the machine head, bypass the machine head sprocket and lap it on the sprocket

6. Extend the upper scraper chain from the tail of the machine and put it into the upper chain path until it reaches the head

7. Install the chain tightening device to tighten the chain

8. The head of the carrier is lapped on the tail of the belt, with a lap length of 500-800mm and a height of 400-500mm, and ensure that the center line of the carrier is consistent with the center line of the belt

9. The transfer machine must be installed in a straight line, and its transmission device is located on the side of the sidewalk

then learn how to measure the fatigue limit of metal data under symmetrical cycle. 10. The scraper chain screws must be tightened up, and the oil quality of the reducer should meet the requirements

11. The traveling trolley of the transfer machine is flexible, and all parts are fastened firmly

labor organization

1. Gas, coal dust explosion and fire disaster avoidance route

accident location → 15103 kerf → 15103 air intake channel → track roadway in mining area 1 → shaft bottom waiting room → auxiliary inclined shaft → ground

2 Flood disaster avoidance route

accident location → 15103 eyelet → 15103 air intake chute → rail roadway in mining area I → shaft bottom waiting room → auxiliary inclined shaft → ground

accident location → 15103 eyelet → 15103 air return chute → rail roadway in mining area I → shaft bottom waiting room → auxiliary inclined shaft → ground

1. All construction personnel entering the construction site must strictly follow the coal mine safety regulations Construction in accordance with the safety technical operation regulations for coal miners and this operation specification

2. All operators must hold valid job certificates, strictly implement various rules and regulations, and strictly prohibit illegal command, illegal operation and violation of labor discipline

3. Before construction, all personnel must carefully study this procedure, sign for confirmation, and take the post only after passing the examination, otherwise they are not allowed to take the post. Before the construction of each shift, the shift leader, the team leader and the security inspector must conduct a comprehensive inspection of the support of the roof, track, winch, steel wire rope and single support at the construction site, and immediately arrange to deal with the problems found

4. The "Trinity" safety confirmation must be carried out before the operation of special types of work; After arriving at the construction site, the on-site team leader and team leader must carefully fill in the "Trinity safety confirmation form" and "Trinity on-site safety confirmation management board" together with the on-site safety supervisor according to the actual situation of the site

5. If there are construction works not included in this operation specification, additional construction measures shall be prepared

II. Transportation safety measures

1. During transportation, each construction site must designate a safety person in charge to be responsible for the safety work of the shift

2. Before each shift starts transportation, a special person must be sent to check the transportation route, and any irregularity in the track must be handled in time to ensure that the transportation route is unobstructed

3. During transportation, special personnel must be assigned to inspect and maintain the track and transportation facilities, check the steel wire rope, connecting devices and car blocking devices of each winch, and ensure that each winch, signal and various safety protection devices are intact and reliable

4. During transportation, do not damage the air, water pipes, cables, gas drainage pipes, dampers and other facilities along the way

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