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Safety technical measures for iron component installation engineering

1) when lifting the workpiece, pay attention to the weight of the lifted work object and the allowable load force of the steel wire rope (Jack rope), explain the lifting destination to the crane commander, and clear the obstacles around the destination in advance

2) when the hoisting work is in place, attention should be paid to the hands and feet of the installer, and it should be stable and accurate. O

3) when installing the workpiece at high altitude, fasten the safety belt with oil and gear oil, and buckle the safety buckle. After the workpiece is in place at high altitude, temporary fixing measures should be taken, and safety measures should be taken to prevent all kinds of tools, materials and accessories from falling from high altitude

4) the power plugs of various mobile electric tools (such as electric drills, electric wrenches, hand-held grinding wheels, etc.) must be inserted into the sockets with secondary leakage protection

5) the iron structure is the only 49.6% of the self-sufficiency of our country. There will be some new technologies in the installation abroad, including new technologies in the field of composite materials, introduced into China, gas cutting work, which should be operated by certified welders and meet the approval procedures for on-site hot work, And there are full-time personnel for on-site fire protection supervision

6) before using the hammer, check the firm condition of the handle, and do not wear gloves when knocking the hammer

7) pay attention to the pressure load when using the oil pump jack, and place it flat and straight

8) when using a crowbar, pay attention to the fulcrum of stability and force to prevent slipping and bouncing injury

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