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Safety technical measures for upper side loading

I. Description:

according to the production needs, the 62208n chute constructed in the excavation zone 2 will be shipped with ZCY-60 side loading machine. In order to ensure the safety of transportation, installation and use of side loading machine, this safety technical measure is specially prepared

II. Construction plan:

III. technical parameters of side mounted machine:

total weight 7.8T, 4.508*1.741m*2.2m

the largest piece: about 6.8t (3230*1400*1430mm)

after loading, the maximum height is 2.1m and the width is 1.4m

IV. safety measures for equipment unloading and assembly:

before loading, use a mask to cover the front and rear wheels of the flatbed truck, and the front and rear hooks of the flatbed truck. The lower skid plate is connected with the track

put another track board in front of the hook on the side of the flat car under the side loader, and then drive the side loader directly under the flat car

the side loader is assembled at the groove opening of 62208n, and special lifting bolts must be used for assembly. It is the future of China's high-molecular material industry.

the warning shall be pulled at 5m at both ends of the pedestrian passage at the unloading place. The drivers shall control the speed and drive slowly to ensure that the center of gravity of the side loader and the flatbed truck does not shift

all equipment affecting construction at the installation site should be transferred

before lifting with chain block, the construction point must be "knocked on the side and asked for the top", and the floating gangue and live gangue of the roof and roadway side must be found with a long drill

before lifting with chain block, the special lifting anchor rod and lifting tool should be carefully checked. If they are unqualified, they are not allowed to be used. Before using, check whether the steel wire rope head is broken or rusted. If so, it is strictly prohibited to use, and it is strictly prohibited to use iron wire, palm rope, etc. to replace the steel wire rope head

strictly implement the lifting safety technical measures

IV. safety management of ZCY-60 full hydraulic side loader:

1. 62208 n trough construction uses side loader to cooperate with chain board machine to ship. When the driver of side loader drives, he keeps a high degree of concentration and stops immediately in case of any abnormality

2. The operation, installation and maintenance personnel shall master the main technical parameters, structural characteristics, structure of each component and power supply system of the working face, integrity standards of equipment, and maintenance regulations of the machine

3. The machine should be kept clean, and there should be no debris such as gangue between moving parts. The maintenance personnel should clean the side mounted machine every shift

4. It is strictly forbidden to carry out maintenance during equipment operation. During maintenance, the power supply must be cut off, and the power switch must be powered off, locked, and hung with a power cut board. The pressure must be released before disassembling the components of the pressure vessel

5. If the temperature of the oil tank exceeds 65 ℃, stop the machine for cooling, and then start the machine for work after cooling

6. In case of abnormal sound response during operation, the machine shall be shut down immediately to check the cause, and the machine can be started up after troubleshooting

7. Before blasting, the machine should retreat 10m away from the working face (straight tunnel), lift the bucket and pad a support wood under the bucket; The collapsible parts such as headlamp cables are wrapped with coal in plastic bags

8. The cable maintenance personnel of the side mounted machine should coordinate with the driver. When the side mounted machine starts, they must pay high attention to prevent slipping, and maintain a safe distance of not less than 3~5m from the side mounted machine

9. When the side mounted machine is not in use, the opposite side mounted machine will be powered off and locked

10. Send a signal alarm before starting the machine, notify all personnel on site, and start the machine only after irrelevant personnel withdraw from the operating range of the machine and the surrounding dangerous area

11. If the side loading machine is shipped and operated in parallel with the head-on, the guard must be pulled back 5m from the head-on. The side loading machine is strictly prohibited from entering the guard. When personnel need to enter and leave, the side loading machine must stop shipping

12. When the side mounted machine is shipped, the guard shall be pulled at the place not less than 5m behind the operation range of the side mounted machine, and no personnel are allowed to enter (except the personnel who follow the machine to maintain the cable)

13. Check whether the cable suspension is reliable. When the machine is working, the cable should always be in a loose and sagging state, and the cable should not bear additional tension. Pay attention to protect the cables on the machine from being damaged

14. The operator should sit in a correct posture and pay attention. Hold the operating handles on both sides with his left and right hands, and take good care of the front and rear personnel, supporting equipment, cables, etc. according to the different operation processes of the machine

15. If an exposed unexploded ordnance package or detonator is found during loading, the loader should withdraw to a safe place and immediately report to the team leader for inspection and treatment

16. When loading, first place the bucket flat. In case of unexploded protruding rocks on the bottom plate, it is strictly prohibited to forcibly ship. It is necessary to stop shipping and check whether there is a falling shot

17. The operation should be continuous. The change-over switch should be turned to the loading gear, and the number of frequent starts and inching should be minimized. Do not pull the handle back and forth quickly to avoid pressure impact. Start and stop the machine slowly, accurately and stably

18. When the driver gets on the machine, it is strictly forbidden to pull the multi-way valve operating handle horizontally and step on the hydraulic oil pipe

19. Pay attention to avoid collision between the machine and chain machine and other equipment

20. When operating, push forward and pull back the handle with gentle force, smooth direction and appropriate timing. Pay attention to accumulate experience during operation

21. Operate the machine correctly, master rock loading and unloading, and achieve three accuracies: first, the landing of forklift should be accurate; 2、 The unloading shall be accurate (the height must be reduced); 3、 The action of forklift bucket cylinder shall be accurate. 4. Attention: 1. Pay attention to the people around; 2、 Pay attention not to collide with the support; 3、 Pay attention that the machine does not press the cable; 4、 Pay attention to unexploded powder and detonators. V. strictly prohibit: first, it is strictly conceivable that it is forbidden to repair the machine under the bucket when the power supply is stopped and contracted and the sleeper is not padded; 2、 It is strictly forbidden to use side loader to load rock frequently when there is no tramcar; 3、 It is strictly forbidden to dig ditches with forklifts; 4、 It is strictly forbidden to carry out shoveling operation after standing the forklift sideways; 5、 It is strictly forbidden to collide with large rocks that have not been blasted with forklifts. Vi. No: first, the machine is not installed when it is sick; 2、 Do not load if the unloading distance is greater than 15 meters; 3、 Lighting is invalid and not installed; 4、 Unattended cables are not installed; 5、 If the roof and support are unsafe, do not install them without treatment

22. In case of large scattered rocks during machine walking, stop the machine and remove it; It is strictly forbidden to roll large rocks with crawlers. When the forklift operation is blocked, the operator handle should be quickly reset to the middle position to prevent the system from overflowing and heating for a long time

23. After rock loading or when the driver leaves the equipment, cut off the power supply of the equipment and release the system pressure (the hydraulic system of the working mechanism releases the pressure by operating the multi-way directional valve). All operating handles return to the "0" position

24. This machine is allowed to assist in the construction of other processes, such as the short-distance transportation of support materials, tools, chain machine chutes, etc. on the working face; Lifting heavy objects with bucket should be less than 2 tons; Lift the bucket as a manned platform (when people work on the bucket, special personnel should operate the multi-channel valve handle and do not leave: the machine should be stable and not tilted)

25. When extending the belt and shrinking the chain plate machine, the side loader can be used to pull the tail and belt

v. 62208 special measures for wheel hole driving shall be implemented for auxiliary coal handling crosscut driving

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