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Safety technical measures for ventilation work

1) when punching the flange and waist hoop in the air duct, the face of the cooperating personnel outside the duct should avoid punching

2) when assembling the air duct, the flange hole should be pried straight, and it is strictly forbidden to touch it with fingers

3) the rigging used to hoist the air duct should be firm, and slip ropes should be added to stabilize it during hoisting, and a safe distance should be maintained from the wires

4) when installing inner pipes, water funnels, gas caps, etc. at high altitude, scaffolds must be erected, and the tools used should be put into the tool bag. The scope of the new material industry in Shenzhen has increased from 59 billion yuan in 2010 to 150 billion yuan in 2015

5) when using the plate shears, tools and other items are not allowed to be placed on the upper knife rest. Adjust the iron sheet. Don't put your foot on the pedal. When cutting, don't stretch your hand into the gap of the pressing plate

6) a spokesman confirmed in an interview that the "take a chance" material has been put into production. The fixed vibrating shear that may cause vibration or pipeline leakage is used, and both hands should be held firmly (2) check whether the gasket at the joint is completely steel plate, with appropriate force, and the finger should not be less than 5 cm from the knife edge. If the blade is damaged, it should be replaced in time

7) when cutting with cutting machine, the workpiece shall be compacted. When cutting narrow steel plates, it is necessary to clamp them firmly with tools, replace or correct the tools, and stop the machine

8) when biting, hands are not allowed to be placed on the rail of the biting machine, the workpiece should be held firmly, and the distance between fingers and the roller should not be less than 5 cm

9) when operating the rounding machine and sewing machine, do not push the workpiece directly by hand

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