Safety technical measures for the installation of

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Safety technical measures for the installation of drainage pipes and compressed air ducts

upper to lower openings of the main inclined shaft of Jude coal industry

construction time

July 13, 2011? September 3, 2011

the fourth construction has a natural biological inert labor organization

construction principal: Zhu Shimu

safety principal: Zhao Xuebin

technical principal: Yang Zhenghai

construction team: excavation third installation team

fifth construction content

welding of main shaft drainage pipeline and compressed air pipeline of Jude coal industry And installation

VI Construction Preparation and installation

1. surveying and setting out

CW magazine) 1.1 cleaning the construction operation zone

1.1.1 the construction operation zone is generally 20m

1.1.2 stones and sundries that affect the passage of construction machines and tools or the construction operation area within the construction zone should be cleaned up, and the site should be flat

1.1.3 protect construction marker piles

1.2 measurement and setting out

1.2.1 measure and set out according to the design control pile or auxiliary pile, and control the unified elevation point

1.2.2 measure the height of both ends with a steel ruler according to the slope direction and length required by the pipeline design

        2. Pipe prefabrication processing

the pipe prefabrication of this project only adopts the cutting method

2.1 the original marks should be transplanted before pipe cutting

2.2 when gas cutting is used, the correct size and flat surface must be ensured

2.3 the cutting quality should meet the following requirements:

2.3.1 the cutting surface should be flat and free of cracks, burrs, oxides, iron filings, etc

2.3.2 the inclination deviation of the cut end face shall not be less than 1% of the outer diameter of the pipe and shall not exceed 2mm

3. Welding process and requirements

3.1 the groove surface shall be uniform and smooth, without scaling, cracks, rust, slag inclusion, grease, paint, etc. the joint design and butt clearance shall meet the requirements of the adopted welding process specification

3.2 when assembling grooves, the amount of misalignment should be reduced in the daytime. When assembling nozzles with the same nominal wall thickness, the amount of misalignment should not be greater than 1.6 mm. If a large centralized misalignment is caused by dimensional deviation, it should be evenly distributed around the nozzle and hammered as little as possible

3.3 the groove shall be cut by oxygen acetylene flame on site according to the requirements of the welding procedure specification. However, the groove shall be smooth and uniform, and the size shall meet the requirements of the process specification

3.4 remove the rust and welding slag on the groove and each layer of weld bead before the next welding

3.5 when fixed welding is used, the pipeline should be reliably fixed; Fill enough weld layers. After covering, the cross section of the completed weld shall be uniform on the whole crater, and any point on the weld surface shall not be lower than the outer surface of the pipe. Weld reinforcement shall comply with the design provisions, generally not more than 1.6mm; The arc striking points of adjacent welding layers shall be staggered, and the width of the weld surface shall be 3.2mm greater than the width of the groove surface; The new material industry is expected to benefit and usher in rapid development. The surface should be thoroughly cleaned after the crater is completed

3.6 when rotary welding is used, rotary welding can be used for nozzle assembly on the roller frame

3.7 each welder shall mark in the specified method near the completed crater

3.8 the welding machine should be placed in a dry, ventilated, rain proof place away from heat sources and combustible gases. There should be a safe and reliable grounding

3.9 cables of welding machines and other equipment shall be in good contact with terminals, and cables shall be intact

3.10 the operator should follow the "cross operation (cleaning, lubrication, firmness, adjustment, anti-corrosion) method to achieve" four understandings, three abilities and three good "for welding machines and other equipment. "Four understandings": understand performance, function, structural principle, fault prevention and treatment. "Three skills": be able to use, maintain and troubleshoot. "Three good": good use, good management and good repair. Keep tidy and maintain carefully; In case of any fault, check, report and wait for treatment in time

4. Pipeline installation process

4.1 weld location

4.1.1 the distance between the centers of two circumferential welds of straight pipe section shall be ≥ 150mm when the nominal diameter of the pipe DN ≥ 150mm; When DN < 150mm, it shall not be less than the outer diameter DW of the pipe

4.1.2 the distance between the weld and the bending point of the elbow shall not be less than 100mm, and shall not be less than DW

4.1.3 clear distance from circumferential weld to support and hanger ≮ 50mm

4.1.4 it is not suitable to open holes on the pipe welds and their edges

4.1.5 there shall be no welded junction when the pipeline passes through the partition wall and part

4.1.6 according to the design requirements, the pipe slope should find out the position and elevation of each support, but the road of plastic development is far, and the hanger should be adjusted with the next step of the support base plate or hanger bolt. The base plate shall be firmly welded with the embedded parts or steel structure, and it is not allowed to add a base plate between the pipe and the support. Slope measurement should be:

(1) when the straight section of indoor material system pipeline is ≥ 40m, two sections should be measured; Measure a section when it is less than 40m

(2) when the straight section of outdoor material system pipeline is ≥ 80m, measure two sections; M measure a section; It can not be measured when it is less than 30m

4.2 groove processing

4.2.1 the groove form and size of pipes and fittings shall comply with the provisions of the design documents

4.2.2 mechanical method should be adopted for groove processing, and hot processing methods such as oxyacetylene flame can also be adopted. After the hot processing method is adopted, the oxide skin, slag and surface layer affecting the joint quality on the groove surface shall be removed, and the uneven part shall be polished and leveled

4.2.3 cleanliness requirements: the interior and exterior should be clean and free of debris

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